Makeup Kit Essential: Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray! And the Many Ways Pros Use it! 

I love setting spray! It’s something I always keep in hand for both personal and professional use, and I’m always getting asked what EXACTLY is its purpose. 

Recently, I repurchased (for like the 3rd time) the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. It’s really comparable to the Skindanavia spray and I’ve had people ask me if they really need setting spray. The answer is yes!

 urban decay all nighter setting spray 
So what does setting spray actually do? It serves a few purposes, they include: setting your makeup so that it stays put for a longer period of time and it can also be used through the day to freshen your makeup. So basically you spritz this on as the last step in your makeup routine and can feel free to go hard-core raving while still looking Beyonce-flawless. And who doesn’t want their makeup to stay put through long work days and even longer party nights?! 

Urban Decay offers an oil-control, mattefying version of the spray called De-Slick, for the ladies who don’t want to look like an oiled up frying pan after a few hours! That one actually works very well for summer too! Highly recommend for my oily girls! 

How do pros use it? There are a few way professional makeup artists use the spray and I’m gonna dish the secret because why the hell not?! 

Pro Uses: Wet your eyeshadow brushes with the setting spray to pile on eyeshadow and give the shadows more intensity. Some artists also use their setting sprays as primers! Although I have to point out, not all setting sprays are good to prime skin with, but some can. 

Voila, now go on and conquer the world with your makeup in place! Duh!