Current Obsession: My NEW Colourpop Cosmetics Ultra Matte Lip lipsticks! 

Before the Kylie Lip Kit my friends at Colourpop solidified their place in my heart as the best liquid lipstick to actually wear. And that still stands. 

For way more than half the price of a lot of these fancy shmancy liquid lipsticks you get amazing pigmentation, incredible wear and some seriously gorgeous colors! Plus they’re made in the USA! God bless ‘Merica! 

Anywho, I added five new colours (I like this spelling TBH) to my growing Colourpop collection and thought I would share with you! 

Because honestly, what good am I as a blogger if I don’t share every minute purchase?! Duh. 

Anyway! Feast your eyes! 

the makeupwhoreder colourpop swatch 
From top to bottom you have: Limbo (gorgeous reddish brown), Teeny Tiny (a more muted grey-ish purple), Clueless (a dusty rose pink), Trap (reminds me of Future, the rapper, it’s a grey mauve) and finally 1st Base (the perfect Barbie Pink lip)

And here are the gorgeous swatches: