Miss Me? I’ve Been Pregnant!

I have missed writing on themakeupwhoreder soooo much! Like a lot! And I know that with all of the Paris Fashion Week commotion, I should be posting like crazy! But before I take another small hiatus, I want to share the not-so-secret news… I am pregnant. Like very pregnant (7 months in to be exact).

The news was surprising to SO (significant other) and to me.  A good surprise. That’s the reason I’ve been MIA (which by the way I no longer live in, so add a MOVE to the list of news bits I have for you).

I am having a beautiful baby boy and am due in November. We even have his name picked out (I talk about him all the time on Twitter, so check me out there for more DEETS).

Impending mommyhood and a move (a sudden one at that) have kept me off the blog and on my ass. Literally.  But I think becoming a mommy will be good for me, and who knows, perhaps I can share my pregnancy roller coaster with you on a different segment of this blog. >>> LET ME KNOW IF THAT IS SOMETHING YOU WOULD BE DOWN TO READ! <<<

I do hope to be back in full beauty blogger mode, and I promise to do better at touching base here on the blog. Till then drink  your water, take care of your skin and WEAR THAT MAKEUP! Love you all to bits! pregnancy